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Claws Mail is a free and open-source, GTK+-based email client. It offers easy configuration and an abundance of features. Claws Mail stores mail in the MH mailbox format. The support for Mbox mailbox format is also supported via a plugin.

Some cool feature of Claws Mail include:

  • Quick response
  • Graceful, and sophisticated interface
  • Easy configuration, intuitive operation
  • Abundant features
  • Extensibility
  • Robustness and stability

To get started, use the link –> Download and Install Claws Mail. All major Linux/Unix operating systems are supported via directly downloadable binary packages.


Claws Mail
Claws Mail, a fork of Sylpheed, is a fast and flexible alternative that might be appealing to anyone concerned about performance and minimal resource usage. It's a good option, for example, if you're working within the limited processing and memory capacity of a Raspberry Pi, for example.
But even for those with virtually unlimited computing resources to throw at a mail client, Claws Mail might be a good option. It's flexible, probably more so than Thunderbird or some of the other options in this list, and it has a number of plugins available for those who want to extend it. And it prides itself on being fast and reliable, too, in addition to sporting a simple interface that's perhaps ideal for new users.
Claws Mail is based on the GTK+ framework and made available under the GPL.

Claws Mail是一个电子邮件客户端(新闻阅读器),基于GTK,具有:
  • 快速响应
  • 优雅和复杂的接口
  • 配置简单,直观的操作
  • 丰富的功能
  • 扩展性
  • 鲁棒性和稳定性
下载:Claws mail


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